With its seamless front end and powerful back end, Tetrix makes payment choices easy for merchants.


Turnkey system

  • Payflow management -from payment method selection through to final settlement
  • Seamless Integration between local payment methods and acquiring channels

Payment risk management

  • Immutable record of transactions using blockchain
  • Merchant chargeback reduction
  • Practical solutions for under-served markets


  • Trusted partners in acquiring space
  • Access a wider range of services
  • Enter new markets

Competitive pricing

  • Reduce chargebacks and reduce overall costs
  • Low fraud costs

Full suite

  • One simple package managed by a centralized dashboard to help merchants track their cash flow across all payments
  • Transaction monitoring, PSPs, gateways, acquirers, processors, and payment methods are all part of the Tetrix platform

Tetrix has a simple, codable and automated fee management and payout system that adds value to all participants in the payments ecosystem.


Tetrix bridges the gap between traditional payments rails and our new payment ecosystem by enabling seamless conversion of fiat to digital asset and back.

Once fiat is converted to our value token, value can move freely between our users and merchants, and Tetrix assumes complete control of all facets of the transaction (risk, compliance, settlement, etc.


Studies show that using blockchain ledgers reduces chargebacks significantly.

Why you

Tetrix is the solution

Integrate All Local Payment Methods
Simple Cross Border Payments
Manage Chargebacks
Transparent Fees
Automatic Merchant Services
Integrate All Local Payment Methods
Simple Cross Border Payments
Manage Chargebacks
Transparent Fees
Automatic Merchant Services

why tetrix

    • Multiple Settlement Options
    • Multiple On-Ramp Options
    • Localized Transaction Optimization
    • Control of Ecosystem
    • Real-Time Cross Border Payments
    • Digital Asset Conversion
    • Wholesale FX Conversion
    • High-Risk Industries
    • 3rd Party Payout Options
    • Blockchain Verification
    • Smart Contract Escrow
  • Traditional Merchant Services
    • VISA
  • Tetrix
    • Tetrix-pay

Tetrix provides the benefit of global payment integrations with accessibility to all categories of merchants.

Due to the multitude of problems it solves, Tetrix is an attractive platform to many different types of merchants. Some merchants face a challenge in finding a payment processor due to regulatory, reputational, or financial hurdles, and it is these merchants who will find immediate value in switching.

Closed loop systems
Closed loop systems

Let’s take care of you, so you can worry about what you do best

Tetrix makes it easy for our merchants to reach new markets by integrating local payment methods. We identify the popular payment methods in each region around the world and add it into our platform so you have one integration and get access to multiple payment methods.

It’s easy to see what your customers are doing and draw conclusions to focus your efforts through the dashboard, which transparently shows all transactions and fees. We are your partners in building your sales and scaling your business.

  • Iman bashir

    While consulting for clients, I see thousands of dollars lost in fraud and chargebacks -Tetrix helped us develop a solution customizable to us that integrates with all our current processes. Could not be more happy with the team.

  • Karl Samson

    We have recommended Tetrix to all of our clients who need a reliable payment system for their customers. To date, our clients have processed millions of dollars through the platform, and the transparency and clarity of the reporting dashboard are excellent.

  • Elvi Dalgaard

    In our business, we are focused on confidential transactions. Our customers depend on us to process payments from all over the world with instant settlement and little fuss. With Tetrix, we are able to provide better service than ever and our business is growing fast.

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